Car Locksmith services

Always Prepared

When you are in the need for a car locksmith, we are the only choice to call in Indianapolis,
Indiana. We can provide quick and convenient service to all of our customers, and have
knowledge on all makes and models of vehicles. One call to us will get you on your way to
taking care of all of your car locksmith needs.


There are many needs for a car locksmith these days. From gaining access to a car that has the keys locked inside, rekeying and making duplicate keys for a car, accessing glove boxes that are locked without a key, or providing specific needs to an individual customer, we can
take care of everyone and every need. We have been in this business a long time and have the knowledge needed to complete jobs on any scale. We also pride ourselves on having the
most up to date equipment on the market.

There are many makes and models of vehicles on the market, each with different needs for a locksmith. We can service any vehicle, regardless of age, in both the commercial and residential space. There are many locksmith who cannot service commercial or foreign
vehicles, but we can easily service any vehicle. We stay current on any changing equipment or needs of new vehicles coming to the market.

Having locksmith work done can be expensive and is not usually something a person plans for. We are the lowest cost locksmith you will find in Indianapolis while still providing excellent service. We are always up front with our charges when giving estimates and provide payment plans whenever possible. We also offer emergency and after hours service, but still are proud to say without costing an extreme amount to do these types of services.

There are many locksmith options in Indianapolis, but we have been the leader in the industry for years. The majority of our customers are repeat customers and many new customers find us due to referrals. We pride ourselves on having the best locksmith services
available along with the happiest customers. Without customers who are pleased with our work, we would not be in business and we will never forget that.

We will always strive to
make each and every customer happy, regardless of the size locksmith job they need done. When you call us for work, we will respond as quickly as possible, many times the same day or within hours if the call is an emergency.

You will always know who and when will be responding to your call, and we will always be there when we say we will.
We truly pride ourselves on being the best locksmith you will find and we will continue to be in business to take care of your needs. There is no job too big or too small for us to handle and we take pride in every call that we respond to. When you need a locksmith, don’t forget
that we are the only one you need!